Fun things to do in Linyi:
William English is located in the heart of the downtown of Linyi. Linyi is a quickly developing city, so there are always new restaurants, malls, and coffee shops opening nearby. Linyi in total has around 12 million people, and the downtown alone has over 2 million people. So there is something here for everyone. There are 5 major malls (Harmony, Taisheng, Wuyue, YiGao, and Wanda), all with over 100 stores for shopping, and at least 20 restaurants each with all different types of Chinese and international cuisine. And getting around is easy too, there is an extensive bus network as well as there is always a taxi driving by. Linyi also has 3 major rivers (Yi river, Beng river, and Su river), all of which join together right beside our FHC campus. Linyi also has dozens of movie theaters, bars, cafés, clubs, coffee shops, internet cafes for gaming, and KTVs. We also have 2 amusement parks, a nearby mountain for skiing, and several gyms for sports and swimming. Linyi is located about 100 kilometers from the beach, so it is very convenient for a 2 day mini-holiday. Linyi also is home of mountain Meng, which is an ideal place to go for a day hike to the summit.

Some of the fun things in Linyi

The Phoenix amusement park in Hedong. Only a 15-minute taxi ride from the school.

The Dragon park. A great place to go for a day trip. About a 45-minute taxi ride from the school. 10s of thousands of flowers, and several beautiful building to take selfies and hang out for the day.

FeiBi club. Only a 5-minute walk from the school. A place to dance and hangout on your weekend.

Foreign Devil Bar and Grill. The best western cuisine in Linyi. Only a 3-minute walk from the school. There are always at least a few foreigners there to talk to and have a drink with.

Tangtou Hot springs. About a 30-minute taxi ride from the school. A great place to go and relax all day and night. With over 100 hot springs, there is a ton of relaxation to be had.

The indoor skiing in WuYue mall. Located in Hedong, it is about a 10-minute taxi ride from the school. You can learn to ski, all while being inside and warm, before heading to the Cangshan mountain to do the real thing.

Taisheng mall. Located only 10 minutes from the school. You can enjoy 8 floors of shopping that include over 30 restaurants, an IMAX cinema, and all major brands.

The Trampoline factory. Only 8 minutes from the school. A great place to go with a few friends and bounce the day away. It is a way to have fun and exercise at the same time.

VR net bar. Only 5 minutes from the school. You can go there and play the day away. They have top-tier spec computers and all the games pre-loaded.

The Linyi Zoo. It is about a half hour taxi from the school. There you can see pandas, giraffes, zebras, and all kinds of animals.