The Hiring Process

  • Step 1 – the Application

Please send us your resume(CV), a current picture, and any documents you may have pertaining to the job

Bachelor’s degree
TEFL certificate
Previous experience reference letter

  • Step 2 – the interview

William English does a 10-minute initial interview to see your personality, your accent, and how you are face-to-face

  • Step 3 – the documents

After being accepted by William English, there are several documents that have to be submitted to apply for a working visa in China.

These include:

A criminal background check
A bachelor’s degree
A health check

  • Step 4 – the verification

The criminal background check and the bachelor’s degree must be verified

After receiving your criminal background check, you have to submit it for verification.

You need 3 stamps for verification:

#1 – from a local notary public
#2 – from the Secretary of State
#3 – from the Chinese embassy

The bachelor’s degree

A copy can be sent directly to William English, and we can help you apply with the website (China’s ministry of education) for verification.

The health check can be performed at a local hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office.

The health check for can be found on the Chinese embassy website under documents needed before you apply.

  • Step- 5 – Snail Mail

After getting all the documents back and verified, you can snail mail them all to us here in China.

After we get the documents we will apply for a working visa at the Entry/Exit department here in Linyi

  • Step-6 – the Visa

After we get all the documents back, William English will be able to send you an official invitation letter to come work in China.

You can take this(or hire a proxy) to take this to the closest Chinese embassy to apply for the Z working visa

  • Step-7 – booking the flight

After you get your visa back you will be ready to book yourself a flight to Shandong Linyi and come on over to start your new job!