A Few Frequently Asked Questions

What is teaching English in China like?

Teaching English in China with William English combines an unforgettable experience with a rewarding job. You can learn Mandarin, travel the country and meet fascinating people. At the same time you’ll gain valuable teaching experience abroad in an organization committed to delivering the best English training program to every student. William English gives you the excitement of teaching English in China with the stability of a safe, reliable employer committed to your professional development.

What is the teaching environment like?

As soon as you walk into one of our schools, you will understand that teaching English in China with William English is not like teaching in any other Chinese school. Creating a welcoming environment conducive to learning is our highest priority. Teachers and other staff members are relaxed, students stay after class to chat, and there’s a general buzz of friendly productvity. William English has customized classrooms for each student age group, with classrooms having modern desks, projectors and interactive white boards.

Is 15,000-18,000 RMB enough to support myself in China?

Yes, It is more than enough. The average worker in China makes between 2500-3500 RMB each month. Our employees, on average, make more than five times as much as the standard pay for Chinese teachers. This amount, plus the addition of a free furnished apartment, will make your stay in China very economically comfortable.

Will I have time for travel?

Yes, when placed in a public Chinese school, Saturdays and Sundays are free days. During this time, our teachers are free to travel around their cities, or make weekend trips to different areas of China. This is the perfect time for sightseeing, traveling, and exploring China. If the employee signs a year-long contract, they also have the entire break for traveling: Either Summer or Winter break.

Will I have any friends in China?

Yes, William English will make every effort to introduce all of its foreign teachers to as many English speakers as possible. In this way, all of our foreign teachers will be able to quickly make friends and acquaintances.

Is the Chinese Language difficult to learn?

Yes, while Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world to master, the basics can be picked up very quickly. This is due to the basic tones, and basic grammar rules.

Are Chinese people friendly?

Yes, Chinese people are very friendly, especially to foreigners. Foreigners are so rare in China, that they are given a higher social rank. This means that, Foreigners are often treated more friendly than most other people.

If I work in China, will I become rich?

No, while the money received in China is more than enough to live very well; the conversion rates between America and China make it difficult to become wealthy in America.

Will I have fun in China?

Yes, every foreign teacher in the WILLIAM ENGLISH program has had a great time in China. The amount of fun is really up to you. The more you adventure, socialize, and immerse yourself in the culture, the more fun you will have in China.

Is the work hard in China?

Yes and No. If the lessons are well prepared, then the lessons will go smoothly. There is a maximum of 25 hours of teaching each week, so the work can be repetitive, but not very difficult.

What happens if I have a problem in China?

WILLIAM ENGLISH has an entire staff of employees, with their entire job being to deal with any issues you may have in China. This can be anything from VISA assistance, helping with travel plans, communicating with your family and friends, or translation to assist you.

How is ShanDong LinYi?

Linyi is a very big city, with over 14 million people. There are several major suburbs of LinYi which include HeDong, NanFang, LuoZhuong, LanShan, YiNan, and YiShui. The major area is LanShan, it is the heart of the city. It has about 5 million people, but it has a small town feel. It is very difficult to receive a drivers liscence in China, so most people walk, ride a bike, or take a bus. This makes the people of LinYi like to stay locally to their homes. The people like to stay in the same areas, eat in the same restaurants, and go to the same activities. It is an amazing city. It is halfway between ShangHai and BeiJing, which makes a great mix of cultures. LinYi, being a big city, has everything that Americans are used to having. It has restaurants, both Chinese and western, cinemas, coffee shops, shopping centers, bars, nightclubs, hospitals, schools, and public transportation. There are over 100 foreigners living in LinYi, which means making English speaking friends is very easy. It is a very old city, which has a beautiful and ancient history. It is the perfect city for new foreigners, with its unique mix of ancient Chinese culture and modern city life.